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This is the self-directed portion of the English 12 class.

 Economics begins with an emphasis on the basic economic problems faced by all societies.  A major part of the course will be a study of changing worldwide economic systems and the role of individuals in this system as producers, consumers, and citizens.
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American Government is a one year course, which covers the historical development of the American Constitution, political parties, the election process, the judicial, legislative, and executive branches of government, and the basic principles of capitalism, socialism, and communism.

A survey of the basic concepts, methods, principles used in the scientific study of human interaction.  Emphasis is on such sociological concepts as socialization, social stratification, social organization, minority groups, and social change.  Includes population, social change, and social institutions (family, education, religion, political system, economic system).

Experimental course focusing on training students with basic technology skills.